Information for Speakers

Overview of Workshop for Presenters, Discussants and Chairs

The goal of this workshop is to stimulate new directions in financial
capability research.

Building on the work of the Financial Literacy Research Consortium,
where is the field of financial capability headed? What research needs to be done next?What are the big policy issues facing the field next year, and 5 years from now?
How should research and practice evolve? This event provides an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and policymakers to examine and discuss
financial capability research and what lies ahead.

We have two categories of sessions: Roundtables and Panels.

Roundtables: Mostly discussion with leaders in the field starting the
discussion with their insights, experiences and commentary. Short
introductory remarks with or without slides (but slides mainly to make
points that require visuals rather than just talking points). After
all roundtable members speak, the moderator asks questions, including
audience involvement. Ideally the session concludes with three
‘take-aways’ or recommendations from each roundtable participant based
on the discussion, especially about research, policy and practice.

Panels: More traditional academic paper panels with three researchers
presenting their work, followed by a discussant. Short presentations
focused on results and implications–not methods or estimation
techniques–of about 15 minutes in length. The moderator will keep
time so the discussant can offer ‘lead off’ comments on all three
papers, followed by moderated Q&A with the audience. Ideally the
session concludes with recommendations for future research.

Roundtables generally will not have research papers but may have
slides, reports or websites that are referenced. We are happy to post
these on the Workshop website (email to

Panels generally will have research papers or reports. These may be
published or works in progress–in some cases the slides and
presentation materials maybe all that is available due to work being
in early stages. Each panel has a focused theme and ideally will
explore new directions for research in that theme. It maybe an
published study best offers a platform for discussion,  perhaps a
newly drafted study or even still a study in an embryonic stage (we
can limit access and/or mark as not for distribution). The goal is
simply to promote discussion.

All workshop materials are online only (nothing will be printed beyond
basic agendas and information). So sending items to
for posting is important.

There will be no media present and sessions are not being recorded.


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