Graduate Symposium

Finalists in the 2012 Graduate Student Paper Competition will present their financial capability research on Monday, June 4, 1:30-4:45pm in 8417 Sewell Social Sciences Building on the UW-Madison campus.

HAMP Mortgage Modifications and Default: A Closer Look – Erik Hembre, UW-Madison

Estimating a Single Agent Dynamic Discrete Choice Model for Household Mortgage Default and Prepayment Decisions – Chao Ma, The Ohio State University

Links between Early-Life Factors and Personality Traits and Late-Life Financial Self-Awareness in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study – Yung-Ting Su, UW-Madison

Recency of Immigration and Filing for Bankruptcy in the United States: Is Health a Mediating Factor? – Paul D. Creswell, UW-Madison

Household Debt and Adult Depressive Symptoms – Laura Cuesta, UW-Madison

Social Security Payments to the Unbanked – Drew Anderson, UW-Madison




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