Papers and Presentations

Papers and Presentations to be added when available.

Roundtable 1: Lessons from the Financial Literacy Research Consortium

Anna Lusardi, George Washington University

J. Michael Collins, UW-Madison

Steve Sass, Boston College

Chair:  Ted Beck, NEFE

New Frontiers in Retirement Research

Karl Scholz, UW-Madison

Norma Coe, Boston College (presentation)

Robert Clark, North Carolina State University

Discussant: Mike Francis, Francis Investment Counsel

Chair: Tom Deliere , UW-Madison

Invited Lecture: Financial Decision Making Research Across Disciplines –
John Lynch, Colorado University Leeds School of Business

New Frontiers Assets, Debt and Well-Being Research

Rachel Dwyer, Ohio State University

Min Zhan, University of Illinois  (presentation)

Thomas Shapiro, Brandeis University

Discussant:  Rebecca Rouse, IPA

Chair:  Lonnie Berger, UW-Madison

Roundtable 2: Who is Vulnerable? Targeting Financial Capability

Jodi Jacobson, University of Maryland

Walt Schalick, UW Madison

Diana Elliott, PEW Economic Mobility Project

Mary Dupont, State of Delaware

Chair, Tim Smeeding, UW-Madison

Roundtable 3: Financial Capability Data

Angela Hung, RAND Corporation

Karen Holden, UW-Madison

Rachel Schneider, CFSI

Gary Mottola, FINRA

Chair: John Stevenson, UW Survey Center

New Frontiers in Behaviorally-Informed Financial Products & Services

Justin Sydnor, UW-Madison School of Business

Eric Johnson, Columbia School of Business (paper)

Michal Grinstein-Weiss, UNC School of Social Work

Discussant: Josh Wright, IDEAS42

Chair: Anya Savikhin, UW Madison

New Frontiers in Financial Advice and Counseling

Stephanie Moulton, The Ohio State University

Angela Hung, RAND Corporation

Michael Staten, University of Arizona (presentation)

Discussant: Max Schmieser, Federal Reserve Board

Chair: Jeffrey Russell, Dean of UW Continuing Studies

Invited Lecture: Wisconsin Department of Justice – Consumer Protection
Assistant Attorney General John Greene 

Roundtable 4: New Frontiers in Financial Capability Policy

Genevieve Melford, CFPB

Louisa Quittman, US Department of the Treasury, Dept Financial Education

Ida Rademacher, CFED

Chair: J. Michael Collins, UW-Madison


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